Monthly Membership Sane-R

$75.00 / month

Monthly subscription to our Sane-R Package.

Subscription Includes:

  • Customer file: cloud-based and accessible 24/7
  • Appointment scheduling and entry notice reminder
  • On time attendance
  • Comprehensive 35 points roof inspection
  • Comprehensive taps and hoses inspection
  • Comprehensive termite inspection
  • Follow up and investigation of reported leaks
  • Roof and Gutter clean, including solar panels
  • Photographic and/or Video evidence of the roof & gutter clean
  • Replacement of perished sealants around vent pipe and ridge cap joints
  • Photographic and Video evidence of the tap/hose & termite inspection
  • Written report and recommendations for further action
  • All photos, videos and report filed into the customer folder within 72 hours of the maintenace worksView the Full Sane-R Datasheet & Inclusions Here


Monthly Membership Sane-R
$75.00 / month