Ardex STB tape


Self Adhesive Butynol® Sealing Tape



Self Adhesive Butynol® Sealing Tape

ARDEX STB/STA Self Adhesive Butynol® Tape is an uncured Butynol® tape with a fleece layer that provides a waterproofing seal between the surface joints and between the floor and wall, under shower plates and seals the drainage pipe outlets in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and balconies.

This tape is 1mm thick and allows the membranes to be applied at the correct thickness and so perform in accordance with the waterproofing standards.

STB/STA Tape can be used in conjunction with;

  • WPM155 – Modified Polyurethane Waterproofing
  • WPM002 – Two Component Undertile Waterproofing
    Membrane (refer TB239 for details)
  • WPM750 – Undertile Butynol Waterproofing System
  • WPM1000 – Versatile Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

Fibre-cement sheet, wet area grade plasterboard, concrete (cured for min. 28 days), renders and screeds (cured for min. 7 days) and AAC blocks.

Surfaces must be sound and dry and floor sheeting materials must be installed to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove all contaminating materials such as dust, oil, paint and curing compounds. Prime all areas to be waterproofed with ARDEX Multiprime or an approved primer. AAC blocks will require several coats of ARDEX WPM265 or ARDEX Multiprime.

ARDEX recommends using a roller to ensure adhesion to the substrate is smooth and all edges are removed. Overlapping of tape should be a minimum of 15mm.
Note: there may be further applications where this tape may be used, that can be described in other documents, as required by ARDEX.

ARDEX STB/STA TAPE has an 18 month shelf life when stored in the original unopened packaging, in a dry place at 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Keep product flat with label carton facing up.

Do not use in surface temperatures below 10°C or above 35°C. Do not apply on areas subject to negative hydrostatic

Ardex STB tape